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How can I Transfer Shopify Items to BestDealer?
How can I Transfer Shopify Items to BestDealer?
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If you already have some products in your Shopify store and you want to sync them to BestDealer without any changes.

Don't worry, we will explain to you how to sync products.

If you added products to your Shopify store from different channels.

1. Just simply click on the “Sync Shopify Products” in the "Your Live Products" tab. From the pop-up window, click "Sync”

2. Then the products will appear on the "Your Live Products" page. Now You can simply map them by clicking “Map Product” with BestDealer product URL.

Of course, before you mapping the product, you can click on the " Ask for Quote" to initiate a sourcing request.

When the request has been completed, you can click on "Sourcing List" to check the product quote and then paste the product URL to map the product.

This is the whole process of product sync from Shopify to BestDealer.

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