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How to Place My Order from Shopify to AliExpress with Bestdealer?
How to Place My Order from Shopify to AliExpress with Bestdealer?
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Once you set up everything properly, it will only take you a grand total of 5 clicks to place and pay for all your orders. Let‘s see the process!

First, you receive an order in your Shopify.

Don't mark as fulfilled or click request fulfillment button. With Bestdealer you don't need to do anything on the Shopify side.

It will sync automatically to Bestdealer with your customer's information in the "Awaiting Order" tab once you captured the payment. You need to click the "Order Product" button.

Once you clicked the “Order Product” button, it will open a page where you can double-check the order shipping setting. Click “Place orders” and your order will be placed to AliExpress.

If you clicked "All Order syncing", you can see that the order moved to "Awaiting payment" and that the Ali Order Number has been generated.

Click Payment and it will take you to AliExpress.

After payment is finished, Bestdealer will automatically move the order to "In Process".

To learn how to place order for sourcing product, please check out this article.

When your supplier sends the package out, the tracking number will be generated and Bestdealer will automatically update it, moving the order to "Shipped". Click here to learn how Bestdealer sync order status to Shopify.

It is at this time that Bestdealer will also automatically trigger Shopify email to your customers with the tracking number and automatically mark the order as "Fulfilled" on Shopify too!

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