To connect your Shopify store, you have two ways to do that:

A. Create a Bestdealer account first and connect your shopify store

1.You can register the account in the logging page. For better cooperation, we suggest you leave your own phone number.

2. From the pop-up window, type in your existing Shopify store URL, and click “Log in”

3. Once your store is connected, you will be able to access general and auto-update settings and adjust them according to your needs.

4. You can link multiple stores later on by simply click on " Link Another Store"

B. Install the Bestdealer app in your shopify store and create an account

Click HERE and you will be redirected to the Bestdealer installation page.

Then, click on the "Add app" button and follow the instructions to install Bestdealer to your Shopify store.

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