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How to Map my Products?
How to Map my Products?
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Bestdealer has ''Basic Mapping'' and ''Advanced Mapping'', which can be used in these cases:

  • Find alternative suppliers for products that have gone out of stock

  • Connect a new supplier to your existing products

  • Merge different suppliers’ products into one Shopify product

Here is an in-depth guide for this:

Basic Mapping

Click Mapping to add an Supplier product link.

You can paste the original URL in the "Import" box.

Simply go to the AliExpress page of the product and copy the URL or copy the Bestdealer product URL if you use Bestdealer sourcing service.

Now paste it in the "Import" box, the product will appear, just click "Set". Then you can map the product's variants, and please make sure to match the original color and size. At last, you have to click" Save" once you are done.

Advanced Mapping

If you want to merge different suppliers’ products into one Shopify product, you can click" Advanced Mapping".

Then you can paste the UPL in the box, which supplier you want and click "submit"

After you finish mapping for all variants, click "save".

Advanced mapping is done!

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