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How to Use Types and Tags?
How to Use Types and Tags?
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Types and tags are used for quickly assigning products to the automated collections. However, you will first need to set up the conditions for collections correctly.

Using Product Types

If you want to have a collection based on several types of items, select the condition “Product type is equal to” and fill in the product type you are selling. Make sure you select the “Product must match any condition” option.

Now, you need to add corresponding types to products. You can add product types on the product page in Shopify.

Also, you can do this in Topdser > Import List before you import the product to the shop.

Using Product Tags

You can add tags to the products in bulk directly in Shopify. Go to the “Products” page, select multiple items, click “Bulk Actions” and select the “Add tags” option. Choose a tag from existing tags or create a new one.

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