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How to Split Products Variants to Separated Products?
How to Split Products Variants to Separated Products?
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You can split any Shopify Product with multi-variants by Bestdealer. There are two ways to split the product. Following are the steps:

1. Add the product to the import list. Click “More action” drop-down box and select” Split Product".

2. If you want to split the product by the specific option such as by "Color" or "Size", choose it from the pop-up window and click "Split to X Products".

In this case, we will create a separate product for the Size option variant. If you have one product with different size variants and you select to split it by size, you will end up with six different products each representing only one size.

Otherwise, you can split the product manually and select which product variants you would like to sell in your Shopify store.

For example, you can choose the "diameter 100cm" size variant and the color you want to extract only these variants into a new product.

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