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How to Find Niche Products?
How to Find Niche Products?
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Once you start selling your products for your store, it is essential to track the success of the product. If you spend a lot on advertising but do not get a good amount of visitors to your store, it means you need to improve your product targeting to find niche products.


Topdser offers a feature called "Niche Spy" that is available on Pro and Start subscription plans, and it gives you niche products and data analysis.

In Pro subscription plans, you can view the trend of the latest products, about Profit, Analytics, and Engagement. You can click the blue "Add to Import List" button to import niche products from Aliexpresss to your store.

Or you can source the similar product from Topdser.

In Pro subscription plans, you can view products and data from the last three days. Just click "The Last 3 Days" tab.

However, if your store is Start subscription plans, you can only view products and data from three days ago. If you need please upgrade your plan.

You can select niche products that you want and import products. Click "Add to Import List," products will in your import list.


Also, you can see the data analysis in the Product Data page, just click View Details"; it's helpful for you to select products for your online store.

All the product details will be shown on this page, you can click the link to view product and Facebook ads.

Topdser has launched a new section to introduce new, niche and trending product.

Find "Import Products" in the left side of menu bar and scroll down.

You will see all products are sourced from Topdser suppliers.

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