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How Long Will it Take to Process My Order?
How Long Will it Take to Process My Order?
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Bestdealer will process and ship your order within 2-3 business days. Our warehouse’s working day is from Monday to Saturday (Time zone: UTC+8).

Why is My Order Taking So Long to Process? 

1.Peak Season Fulfillment Challenges

Bestdealer's warehouse receives overloaded orders during peak seasons and has experienced sharp increases in demand, leading to pressure on all systems.

2.Unexpected Issues from the Suppliers

A. The products do not match the requisite standard

Bestdealer Purchase Department always guarantees the best suppliers for clients to purchase products. However, to maintain our responsibility and professionalism.

Quality Control for all received products will still need to be practiced by Bestdealer. After the Quality Check, all of the products that do not match the required standard (products can arrive with damage, faults, and incorrect attributes)will return to the suppliers. The procedure of getting the right products back in Bestdealer warehouse might take a few business days, depending on the circumstances of the suppliers.

B. Shipping delays from the suppliers

Shipping delays, as well as receiving damaged goods, occur on a daily basis. The reasons can be:

· Traffic.

· COVID-19.

· Weather conditions.

3.Orders with Multiple Products

Orders with multi-products usually take a longer processing time than single orders or orders with less than three items.

Use Bestdealer Private Storage to STOP Long Waiting!

Bestdealer Private Storage is here to solve the problem. We now give you the option of pre-purchasing products and creating your own supply. Pre-purchased products are shipped to the Bestdealer warehouse where they are then stored. You will have your OWN space for respective shops with free hosting for up to 100 days! Your orders won't be that long to process, WITHIN 24 HOURS!

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