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How Bestdealer Automatically Synchronize Order Status?
How Bestdealer Automatically Synchronize Order Status?
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Bestdealer will automatically synchronize all the order status and information between Shopify, Bestdealer, and AliExpress.

The time it takes to synchronize may vary depending on the platform it's syncing from.

Read this article to learn how long it takes to automatically syncs from and to each platform!

From Shopify to Bestdealer

Bestdealer will synchronize instantaneously all new orders from Shopify.

As soon as you receive an order on Shopify, it will sync to Bestdealer in the Awaiting Order tab.

From AliExpress to Bestdealer

Bestdealer will sync the status and information of the orders from AliExpress every 4 hours.

We synchronize the orders from AliExpress at fixed hours, 6 times a day.

If you place an order Bestdealer in Awaiting Payment and you go to AliExpress to pay for it, it may take up to 4 hours before it moves to In process on Bestdealer.

Note: you can manually synchronize to speed this up.

In the same way, once a Tracking Number is generated on AliExpress, it may take up to 4 hours to sync to Bestdealer and move the order to Shipped.

Note: you can also manually synchronize to speed this up.

From Bestdealer to Shopify

Once the Tracking Number of an order is synced from AliExpress to Bestdealer and the order is marked as Shipped on Bestdealer, it will be synced to Shopify and mark as Fulfilled.

When the Tracking Number is synced to Shopify, the order will be marked as Fulfilled on Shopify and the Shopify Shipping Confirmation mail will be triggered if you activated the Tracking setting on Bestdealer.

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