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How to Re-order Awaiting Payment Orders?
How to Re-order Awaiting Payment Orders?
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In some cases, you may want to modify an order after you placed it to AliExpress/Bestdealer, to change the supplier, the shipping method, or any other reason.

Cancel Order


If the order is source from Bestdealer, click "Action" adn you can cancel the order directly.

For the Aliexpress order, you need to click the Purchased order number and it will direct to Aliexpress.

โ€‹Then click " Cancel order"

Sync Canceled Order


Once you have canceled the order on AliExpress/Bestdealer, please go back to the order page on Bestdealer. Then, click "Sync All Orders" and wait a few minutes.


Now you can place it again, it will go back to the "Awaiting Payment" tab, and you will just have to pay for it on AliExpress/ Bestdealer.

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