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How to Deal with Wrongly Fulfilled Orders?
How to Deal with Wrongly Fulfilled Orders?
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It happens sometimes when Shopify fulfill the order automatically or order is wrongly fulfilled by mistakes.

Disable Shopify Auto-fulfillment Feature

Shopify has a feature to automatically fulfill paid orders. In order to process order in Bestdealer, please disable it.

Go to Shopify - Setting - Checkout

In the Checkout setting, find Order processing and select "Do not automatically fulfill any of the order's line items" . Don't forget to save the settting!

Cancel Fulfillment for Orders

Go to Shopify order details page, click “more” and select “cancel fulfillment”

Now the order will go back to unfulfilled status in Shopify.

Then go back to Bestdealer, you will see the order status change to “awaiting order“ status. Now you can process the order.

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