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How to Use Sourcing Branding Service in BestDealer?
How to Use Sourcing Branding Service in BestDealer?
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BestDealer can help you build your own brand by adding stickers and using customized scotch tape with your store logo. Check the below process to apply customized packaging !

Note: The branding service is only available for product which is sourced and shipped from BestDealer suppliers. The sticker/ tape will be stored in BestDealer warehouse and we will apply on every order you place from us.

You can order your own custom scotch tape and sticker with your logo and brand information.

Get 10 packs custom tapes only for $30! Each roll is 100 meters long and can be used to pack around 100 packages. $0.03 for each package.(Estimated)

Get 1000 (minimum) custom stickers only for $30!

Size (if you have special request for size, please contact customer support for more details):

Sticker: 10CM*5CM

Tape: 4.5CM*10CM

Production time : 5-7 days

How to apply

1. Contact customer support to submit brand logo and we will provide the design paper for confirmation within 48 hours.

2. After confirmation, support team send the BestDealer link to merchants to place order.

3. BestDealer arrange production for tapes or stickers, usually it takes 5-7 days.

4. BestDealer inform merchants once the tapes or stickers arrive warehouse and will use it on the package.

5. You will get notification from BestDealer if the stickers quantity are less than 200.

To learn how to pay branding packaging, please check out this article.

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