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How to Stock Products and Purchase Inventory on Bestdealer?
How to Stock Products and Purchase Inventory on Bestdealer?
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Bestdealer had launched a new feature to purchase inventory for products. It helps you shorten processing time and avoid out of stock. Once you have it, the stock is only available to you. And you can use this inventory to deduct product prices in your next order. Most importantly, you can stock them in our warehouse. Besides, you can have a bulk purchase and ship them anywhere you want.

1. How to make inventory order

If the product is available for bulk purchase, it will display a "Purchase" button in "Your live products" list. Make sure you have sourced the product before bulk purchase.

OR just click the product under your sourcing list.

Find the " Private Storage inventory" tab and choose the variants you want. then click" add to cart" or "purchase" button to place the order directly.

Click " PayPal " and <warehouse agreement> to pay it.

Private storage order is placed now!

2 . Manage purchase orders

You will be able to check the purchase orders status, including awaiting payment, pending arrival, available, and canceled.

Awaiting payment: These orders have not been paid yet. Please click "make payment" to complete the payment process. Please note that unpaid orders will be canceled after 7 days.

Pending Arrival: Please wait while we are purchasing for your Private Storage.

Available: Products have been received and stocked in your Private Storage. You may start to fulfill orders with the in-stock inventory.

Canceled: This order has been canceled. Please start a new order if needed.

3. Manage product inventory

And check the available quantity for inventory product.

Pending Arrival : Purchased quantity that is not ready to be fulfilled yet.

Reserved : Quantity that ordered by your customer. Remember to process the orders and pay for the shipments soon!
โ€‹In stock:Quantity available.

4. How to place order with stored inventory

Go to "All Orders" list and click "Order"

You only need to pay international shipping fee.

Click "Private Storage Inventory"-" Place Orders "

Then click "make payment"

Just pay for it and orders success!

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