Top Up Your Bestdealer Wallet and Get Cheaper Deals!

2% Discount on EACH Order and Benefits for Everything Else!

We now provide a safer, faster, and more manageable payment option to purchase ALL of your orders and services from Bestdealer. Top up your wallet NOW and get:

1. Permanent Login Status & Better Account Security

At Bestdealer, we take online security seriously. To protect your Bestdealer Account, we help you keep your account login permanently and safely.

2. Instant Transfer & Instant Order Fulfillment

Bestdealer Wallet also provides instant transfer´╝îso you can instantly fulfill your orders. There is no limit to the number of transfers you can initial.

3. Permanent Discount on Each Order

You will have a no-limited-time offer-- 2% off for ALL orders by using Bestdealer Wallet only.

How to top up your bestdealer Wallet?

1. Find Wallet

Available Balance----Available money to pay out.

Pending Balance----The money is on the way to Available Balance. (Once you top up to Bestdealer Wallet, you might need to wait for 3 business days to get your transfer verified by Bestdealer.)

Exclusive Discount---- You will get 2% discount on each order.

2. Find Reload Balance > Reload with Bank Wire Transfer >Select the amount from Reload Amount or enter an amount below > Click Confirm

3. Fill the page of Bank Wire Transfer > Click Confirm

4. Check your payment events.

How to place orders with Bestdealer Wallet?

1. Click Make Payment > Payment Method > Click Topdser Wallet > Click Pay Now

2. The difference when you choose Paypal to pay:

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