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How to Use Bestdealer Wallet?
How to Use Bestdealer Wallet?
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Top Up Your Bestdealer Wallet and Get Cheaper Deals!

2% Discount on EACH Order and Benefits for Everything Else!

We now provide a safer, faster, and more manageable payment option to purchase ALL of your orders and services from Bestdealer. Top up your wallet NOW and get:

1. Permanent Login Status & Better Account Security

At Bestdealer, we take online security seriously. To protect your Bestdealer Account, we help you keep your account login permanently and safely.

2. Instant Transfer & Instant Order Fulfillment

Bestdealer Wallet also provides instant transfer,so you can instantly fulfill your orders. There is no limit to the number of transfers you can initial.

3. Permanent Discount on Each Order

You will have a no-limited-time offer-- 2% off for ALL orders by using Bestdealer Wallet only.

How to top up your bestdealer Wallet?

1. Find Wallet

Available Balance----Available money to pay out.

Pending Balance----The money is on the way to Available Balance. (Once you top up to Bestdealer Wallet, you might need to wait for 3 business days to get your transfer verified by Bestdealer.)

Exclusive Discount---- You will get 2% discount on each order.

2. Find Reload Balance > Reload with Bank Wire Transfer >Select the amount from Reload Amount or enter an amount below > Click Confirm

3. Fill the page of Bank Wire Transfer > Click Confirm

4. Check your payment events.

How to place orders with Bestdealer Wallet?

1. Click Make Payment > Payment Method > Click Topdser Wallet > Click Pay Now

2. The difference when you choose Paypal to pay:

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