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How to start in BestDealer
How to start in BestDealer

please check the following tutorial and you can be familiar with our platform

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Good day Dear Store Owner,​

We've noticed that you connected your store with Bestdealer.Thank you for the trust. Bestdealer is one of the top 5 all-in-one drop shipping supplier in China. We will assist you with your drop shipping business, including product sourcing, purchasing, order fulfillment, Customized Branding, Private storage etc.​

Here is a 6-steps guideline to show you how to use Bestdealer functions to achieve your success of your drop shipping business. ​

Step 1: Connect your store with Bestdealer

Your shopping data will be synced to Bestdealer by connecting the store. It will make your dropshipping process more convenient. Instead of talking to different suppliers, You can check all your data needed from Bestdealer including products information, Orders information, Shipping tracking number and etc.

Step 2: Start your sourcing request!​

There are 4 different situations you might need to start a sourcing request. You may select based on your own needs.

Situation No.1 Start sourcing with the Link from AliExpress link or images

Input the Aliexpress link or the images and you just need to wait for a wihle and the product cost will appear. If you need us to update the total information, please click the button in the lower right corner and ask our customer service team for help.

Situation No.2 Start sourcing with the Link from your store or other website

The information for URL and image has to be accurate. The sorucing result will update within 48h. If you need it urgently, please click the button in the lower right corner and ask our customer service team for help.

Situation No.3 Start Sourcing from your Live product.

*Note: Live product means the products already listed on your store.

Click "Ask for quote", A sourcing request will be created automatically. And the sourcing result will be given within 48 hours.If there is delay for your sourcing, please contact our service team directly to update it.

And you can check the status of your sourcing record from Sourcing list. The status including "Pending", "Sourcing Failed","Sourcing Success". Please check the screenshot below as reference.

Situation No.4 Start a sourcing request from your product with orders.

When you have orders in you store, The data will be synced to Bestdealer. You may check the list from “All Orders”. Then start a sourcing request by clicking “Ask for Quote”. After that, please contact our customer service team to update it.

Step 3:Import products.​

​This part will show you how to import Bestdealer products to your owner store.

1. Import Products from the completed sourcing request.

If you are satisfied with the sourcing result, You may simply import the products to your own store by clicking “Add to import List”. Then choose “Import to store”.

You will be able to edit the product information as you want before you import it to your store.

PS:If the sourcing info is in the process of updating, it can't be imported to your store. Please keep free to contact our customer service team to update it for you.

2. You can import products from Bestdealer Trending Products.

Step 4. Map your products once you already have orders from your store.

If you already have orders but not showing in Bestdealer backstage. Please click sync all orders manually.

Mapping Method No.1:Mapping from the orders.

*Notice: Before you upload the link, Please go to the product information page(Click Sourcing List then Click the product to check the detailed information) and copy the link from there. Please check the screenshot below as references.

You can also paste the product link of AliExpress. But that means The orders will be fulfilled by AliExpress instead of Bestdealer. (Please check the screenshot below as reference!). It’s highly recommended to use Bestdealer for the order fulfillment, which is more stable and faster.

Mapping Method No.2Map Products from your live product.

*Notice:Your live products means the products listed on your store already.

Step 5: Place an order.​

There are 3 ways to place order on Bestdealer.

Method No.1: Make a payment for products with orders already in your shopify store.

Note: It is recommended to use Bestdealer Wallet with 2% discount.

If you need to charge less than $1000, please contact customer service team in the lower right corner.

Method No.2 Place an order by using our excel template.

PS:Be sure to delete the sample information after you fill in your information. The SPU ID and SKU ID comes from the product page. Different variants have different SKU. So please choose the correct variant and add the SKU ID

Method No.3 Place an private inventory order and stock in Bestdealer Warehouse in China rather than your destination.

Step 6: Function of the button in “Order”

Button one:Edit&Add in customer info

For these two button, you can change customer info or take a note for your order before you pay for it

Button two:Marked as Shipped&Void Order

Marked as Shipped:if you already fulfill this order by other suppliers, you can marked it as shipped manually.

Void Order:You don’t want us to see this order. Then you can void it

Button three:Add in the order info

You can add tracking number manually to track your orders

Button four:Message&Override

Message:sellers will get this message together with your order information.

Override:You can use another link to replace original product link

Button five:Restore Order

You can send it back to “Awaiting Order” to fulfill it in BestDealer

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