Sorry for the inconvenience!The online Bestdealer plugin is updating so it's not available now.

Here is the file of the plugin that you can upload to Google chrome to update it manually.

P.S. There is a video as a demonstration. If the following tutorial does not work, we recommend downloading the video to watch.

Here is the tutorial. Kindly check please:

1.Download the file from Google Drive:

Please DON'T move the location of this installation package or the plugin will not work properly.

2.Completely decompress to get an installation package named "Bestdealer-plugin-0801"

3.Open Chrome and click on Extensions in the upper right corner.

4.Click "Manage extensions"—"Load unpacked"

5.Find the location of the folder and click into the folder—Click "topdser-plugin"—"Choose this folder"

6.Just ignore the errors. The plugin is uploaded successfully.

7.Go to Aliexpress and find the product you want to import it to your store like this.

8. Just log in your account and Click the Bestdealer button and import success.

9.Click "View Import List". You can edit the product information and price then import it to your store.

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